Free DVD authoring and burning tool for Linux and Windows

This tutorial describes the steps necessary to creating a DVD using DVDStyler.


  1. Create a new project

    • Select a 'Create a new project' in the welcome dialog or click on new button ( ).



    • Enter the disc label (it will be displayed only on computer).

    • Select capacity of your DVD: 4.7 GB (Single Layer DVD) or 8.5 GB (Double Layer DVD).

    • Choose the video format: NTSC is recommended for North American countries and Japan, PAL for all other.

    • After this click 'OK'.

    • Finally you can enter a title for DVD menu and select a template.



  2. Add movie clips

    • Click on the 'File Browser' tab on the left side of the program window.



    • Navigate-to and highlight the directory that contains your movie clips. An icon for each clip will be displayed at the right of directory tree.

    • Drag the desired movie clips (left-click, hold, and drag) onto the Titleset Manager at the bottom of the program window.



    • You can also add movie clips using file dialog ( ) or by dragging from any file manager like Windows Explorer.

    Available space on DVD is displayed in the status line at the bottom of application window.



    On one single layer DVD (4.7 GB) can be stored up to 126 minutes of video in good quality (Video bitrate ≥ 4.5 MB/s). If you selected 'Auto' as video quality in new-project dialog, it is also possible to put more than 126 minutes but quality of video will be automatically reduced.

  3. Design a DVD menu (optional)

    • Click the 'Backgrounds' tab on the left side of the program window and select a DVD menu background image by double-clicking on an image in the 'Backgrounds' panel.



      You can also select your own background image for DVD menu: click the 'File browser' tab, open directory that contains your image file and select the image by double-click.

    • Add a menu title: right-click on Menu Editor, select 'Add', 'Text' and enter the title. With the provided handles, re-position the text as desired. Font and size of title can be changed in text properties dialog, which is accessible by double-click on text.

    • Click on the 'Buttons' tab on the left-hand edge of the program window and insert a button by dragging (left-click, hold, and drag) a button into the Menu Editor.



    • Edit the button properties (action, title, color, font, etc) by double clicking on the button in the Menu Editor and changing appropriate properties. When finished, click 'OK' to return to the Menu Editor.



  4. Save the project

    A DVD has now been configured. Click on the save button ( ) to save the project.
  5. Burn a DVD

    • Click on burn button ( ).

    • If you want to preview the finished DVD before burning, please select the box 'preview'.

    • Insert an empty disc and select a corresponding drive. Then click 'Start' to start burning.

      If you selected 'preview', a preview will be started after creating of DVD (but before burning).



    Please note: The DVD creation process can takes several hours.