Free DVD authoring and burning tool for Linux and Windows

DVDStyler 2.9.2 Released!


  • fixed muxrate

DVDStyler 2.9.1 Released!


  • added +genpts muxing flag to improved compatibility on some dvd players (thanks to Manolito)
  • updated some translations

DVDStyler 2.9 Released!


  • added selection of player for preview
  • added possibility to normalize audio (replay gain)
  • added ability to choose 5.1 audio and normalizing as default in the settings
  • added possibility to select border or crop to keep aspect ratio
  • added possibility to set default subtitle properties
  • added possibility to keep and use cached files after restarting of DVDStyler
  • redesigned the menu properties dialog
  • joined chapter and cell properties dialogs
  • enabled reencoding of ntsc film (24 fps) by default
  • fixed displaying of video bitrate if video don't need be transcoded
  • fixed memory leak (thanks to Sebastian Vater)
  • win32: updated ffmpeg to version 2.5

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DVDStyler 2.8.1 Released!


  • fixed memory leaks
  • updated some translations
  • updated ffmpeg to version 2.5

DVDStyler 2.8 Released!


  • added possibility to rotate objects and buttons
  • added possibility to play all titlesets
  • fixed call last menu command
  • fixed multithreaded encoding
  • fixed some other bugs
  • updated ffmpeg to version 2.2.1

DVDStyler 2.7.2 Released!


  • fixed some small bugs
  • win32: updated ffmpeg to current snapshot version

DVDStyler 2.7.1 Released!


  • fixed title selection menu
  • fixed burning from command line
  • win32: updated ffmpeg to version 2.1.4
  • OS X: created DMG package
  • OS X: fixed preview using VLC media player
  • OS X: fixed some bugs

DVDStyler 2.7 Released!


  • better support of multiple titlesets
  • added a possibility to add a chapter selection menu
  • added the rectangle selection tool
  • added possibility to align multiple buttons to left/right/top/bottom
  • added slide properties dialog
  • added a possibility to select a titleset to import from DVD
  • changed to use mplex tool for menu multiplexing
  • updated ffmpeg to version 2.1.3

DVDStyler 2.6.1 Released!


  • fixed device enumeration on Windows
  • updated some translations
  • updated ffmpeg to version 2.1.1